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Sponsorship & Advertising


There is nothing better than advertising but, how about public relations and community affairs? When you sponsor events and programs with the Mount Pleasant-Titus County Chamber of Commerce you get all three branding strategies with one effective multifaceted investment.

When you sponsor events and programs with the Mount Pleasant-Titus County Chamber of Commerce you are given the publicity and brand recognition you need in a positive and receptive environment. This helps business leaders recognize and appreciate companies because they are helping them gain knowledge and make important contacts.

Sponsorships with the Mount Pleasant-Titus County Chamber event or program, your company will benefit from the following:

Brand Association with High Profile Business Events

Companies wanting to be recognized for being industry leaders and community partners welcome the benefits of association with important business events. If your company needs to have their name recognized with high income professionals, executives, managers and other influential business decision-makers, than sponsoring a Mount Pleasant/Titus County Chamber of Commerce event or program may be just what you are looking for.


Public recognition has to be earned it cannot be purchased. Chamber events and programs along with their sponsors are highly publicized. Your company's brand name would be included in collateral materials along with print advertising to help you obtain valuable public recognition.


All Chamber events are supported by their own advertising campaigns. With exposure in broadcast, print and on-site advertising each sponsor brand is sure to have the heightened recognition among a carefully selected audience of business owners and executives.

Access to New Business Relationships

With Chamber events and programs having a one one one marketing aspect which allows companies to open relationships with dozens of new clients and customers. Also these events are good for renewing and strengthening relationships with existing clients and customers as well.

Advertising Opportunities

Opportunities for sponsorships and advertising open at the beginning of each year during the Total Resource Campaign. During this campaign, your company will receive the opportunity to pick from an abundant menu of available sponsorships and advertising opportunities. For more information on how to get involved with the Mount Pleasant-Titus County Chamber of Commerce's Total Resource Campaign, please contact the Chamber at (903) 572-8567.

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